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An unforgettable experience: Dalrymple twins prepare for their last year in theater

Coppell High School seniors Jack and Ty Dalrymple practice their kickline song “Lullaby of Broadway” with senior Allison Davis during their fourth period theater class on Monday. This song is part of the theater’s ongoing show, 42nd Street. Photo by Hannah Tucker.

Jessica Jun, Staff Writer

October 26, 2016

Stepping out onto the stage, they set up the props, take their place and wait. They take a collective breath as the curtains rise and their faces light up.   After almost 10 years of participating in theater, Coppell High School senior identical twins Jack and Ty Dalrymple will never forge...

Twinning is winning, most of the time

“Coppell High School sophomores Robin Li and Megan Li are identical twins. The girls' personalities are both very different. Megan is more talkative and girly while Robin is more reserved and direct. A physical distinguishing feature between them is that Megan has a mole on the top of her head while Robin does not.

December 4, 2015

Avery Davis Staff Writer @avery2018   Many times it is hard for people to think of twins separately. They are often grouped together; when you think of one, you automatically think of the other.   Although this connection is not usually intentional, it can make it more diffic...

Twins share high school experience

November 15, 2013

By Alexandra Dalton Staff Writer  Coming into high school having a twin brother can be both comforting and suffocating. There will always be someone there for you when feel upset and need someone to count on, but there will also be someone there when you mess up; someone that will see all of your...

First round MLB playoff picks

October 6, 2010

By Peter Sblendorio Sports Editor First Round Playoff Picks: The MLB playoffs kick off today with the Rangers taking on the Rays in St. Petersburg, Florida. Listed below are my first round postseason picks for the first round of the playoffs. Yankees vs. Twins: The Twins have overcome a...