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Media glorifying bad decisions amongst teenagers

September 6, 2013

By  Stephanie Gross Staff Writer Extreme explosion at a major televised event, teen moms gone crazy and a long list of other contributing factors could keep going on forever are the reason that young people are becoming more and more influenced to act out the way they do. These days pop culture...

The force is strong with Disney’s new Star Wars sequels

October 31, 2012

By Thomas Hair Opinions Editor A decade ago in a press conference far, far away, George Lucas swore that the saga was finished, that there would never be another Star Wars film. It appears that his vision of the future was clouded by the Dark Side. A new sequel trilogy, there will be. This shocking...

Real loser of Super Bowl? Kim Kardashian

February 8, 2010

By Chris Nguyen Features Editor Maybe it's the inner-pop culture freak in me, but when I watch the Super Bowl, no matter how engrossing it is (just like this past game proved), I want to see the big celebrities. This time, I was hoping to see E! reality star extraordinaire and "women who stole the...

Entertainment goes beyond our borders

November 5, 2009

By Ashleigh Heaton Entertainment Editor Sometimes, I wonder why people only listen to American music. I know, I know, you’re probably asking yourself, “What does she mean? Is there any other kind of music?” The answer would be that, yes, outside of our society, there is a rich mosaic of...