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Vergien empowers others to want to learn, revealed in IB World Magazine

Vergien empowers others to want to learn, revealed in IB World Magazine

April 20, 2015

By Alexandra Dalton Staff Writer @alexdalton04   Starting out with a literature/education blog to voice opinions over how English classes should be approached, Coppell High School International Baccalaureate English I and Gifted and Talented English II  teacher Michael Vergien found a way to ex...

Vergien’s experiment in homesteading makes him king of the coop

November 17, 2009

by Staff Writer Ashley Attanucci It seems the age-old joke has finally been legitimately answered. Why did the chicken cross the road? To join the scene in English teacher Michael Vergien’s backyard, of course. Vergien has a track record at the high school for loving the planet (he used to trek one hour on his bike to commute...

International Baccalaureate students go to Goatman’s Bridge

October 27, 2009

By Viviana Trevino Staff Photographer The legend of Goatman's Bridge: Goatman's Bridge holds an elaborate history that was established in  1884. Oscar Washburn, an African-American goat farmer, lived in the area of what is now Denton, TX. After Mr.Washburn displayed a sign by the bridge which le...

English teacher dreams up ‘nightmare on Cowboy drive’

October 27, 2009

By Chris Nguyen Features Editor A few teachers from Coppell High School meet up on a Saturday. They are not here to discuss school business. Instead, some don suits, others zombie garb and begin reciting lines, like “zombies don’t think, but they pay taxes.” They are all hanging out, joking, having fun. The horror. ...