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North Lake developments cause concern

April 15, 2010

Rebecca Neumann Staff Writer The North Lake issue in Coppell has puzzled citizens since 2004 and caused several lawsuits. Now, with Billingsley Company about to break ground on Cypress Waters Development, the construction is becoming a reality. Although the biggest complaints about the North Lake issue has to do with the distribution of taxes, many voice c...

Update on transportation issues

February 11, 2010

The new athletics district was announced recently and it is beginning to concern many coaches and sponsors. The main issue is the time it takes to get to these schools. Before, the district consisted of mostly Lewisville ISD schools, all of which are less than ten miles from CHS. However several of...

Wheels on the bus go round, as budget stretches thin

January 15, 2010

Rebecca Neumann Staff Writer With all of the fun activities clubs and organizations at CHS get to do, the price of traveling can be the biggest challenge for these groups. Some may be surprised that some organizations are limited to the number of competitions they can compete in because of the...