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Students open up about unique religious practices

Photo by Regan Sullivan.

November 6, 2013

By Christina Burke Managing Editor Covered modestly from head to toe, sophomore Nesma Hassan attends JV basketball practice every morning, her custom uniform embracing her Islamic traditions. In the Muslim community, once a woman has reached puberty, she must wear a hijab as a symbol of modesty....

Riots over independent film continue to rock the Arab world

September 18, 2012

By Thomas Hair Opinions Editor In recent years, the Arab Spring shook the foundation of many Middle Eastern countries. Now, another wave of violence and rage has swept the already-precarious Arabic World as a result of an obscure American short film published online. This film, entitled "The Inn...

Atheists swept under the rug in today’s “politically correct” society

Atheists swept under the rug in today's

March 29, 2012

By Lance McCaskey Staff Writer Atheism is debatably one of the most controversial topics in the religious world. However, similar to most American misconceptions about the Muslim religion, the so-called “facts” most people use to describe atheism are, at their core, false. I know many atheists,...

Turkey: The Strongman of Europe

October 22, 2010

By: Chris Cummins Staff Writer While all the uproar about the rise of Asia has focused on the surging dual giants of India and China, Turkey, the onetime “sick man of Europe”, has seen remarkable strides in the economic realm as well, and has emerged as a bright spot in a Middle East sorely needing...

Lecture bridges gap between Islam, teachers

May 28, 2010

by Mike Pankonien Staff Writer It can be a topic here in post 9/11 America; in a country made up mostly of Christians, knowledge of Islam can be hard to find from those who don’t follow the religion. So what better way to address the issues that spawn from a lack of information than to have...

For many athletes, strength comes from the soul

December 14, 2009

by Blake Seitz Sports Editor Religion, no matter the creed, has the tendency to become entwined in all areas of life, from politics to personal finances. The same holds true for athletics, where faith plays an integral role in a number of things, from strengthening the believer to shaping his...

Students celebrate Ramadan

September 16, 2009

Video edited by Bayley Zarrehparvar Story by Ellen Cameron The air is warm and sweet with the scent of foreign spices as a rich medley of English and Pakistani words plays as the soundtrack to the gathering and more friends flock to the home, ready to celebrate a feast during Ramadan. Ramadan...