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Evans wittles more than an ordinary pen

Coppell High School junior Emily Evans works on creating one of her many homemade wooden pens. Evans has been making unique pens since her 16th birthday after receiving a lathe, which is a device that is used to shape wood while being rotated on an axis. Photo courtesy Emily Evans.
Gracie Blackwell, Staff Writer September 13, 2016

Drilling holes, carving wood and handling brass are just some of the things that you would find Coppell High School junior Emily Evans doing in her free time, in order to make her own handcrafted wooden...

Q&A: Zhang demonstrates dedication to origami

Coppell High School sophomore Frank Zhang displays his origami pieces on a table at the library on Nov.18. “The feeling of satisfaction when I complete a really difficult model is the best feeling ever,” Zhang said “Everybody has something they enjoy as a hobby and for me, that’s origami.” Photo by Ayoung Jo.
November 19, 2015

Avery Davis Staff Writer @avery2018   When he was young, Coppell High School sophomore Frank Zhang began to develop a unique skill: origami. As he got older, Zhang’s aptitude for the craft...

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