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The Sidekick staff writer Anika Arutla thinks the current youth’s carefree mentality can have consequences by comparing it with the popular Lifetime TV show “You.” In the TV show, a stalker named, Joe, becomes obsessed with a girl named Beck, who keeps her social media public and does not take precautions to maintain her safety.

We are our biggest fear

Anika Arutla , Staff Writer April 17, 2019

That will not happen to me. That is what most of us say -  until it does. There is an assumption that everything will solve itself and that a safety net will catch us if something were to happen....

5280 Publishing founder, president and editor-in-chief Daniel Brogan shares the 'why' behind starting the Denver city magazine 5280 which started from his second bedroom in his apartment in 1993. Brogan took big, risky steps to get the magazine rolling such as sending out 10 credit card applications on the same day so the credit card companies would not cross-check to see which other cards he had applied for because he

Passion for journalism elevates mile higher in Denver

April 17, 2015

By Tuulia Koponen Business/Public Relations Manager @tuulipia   DENVER - “I wasn't a smarter guy.” Just a few sentences into his speech for the session entitled “Good journalism...

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