NHS to add additional group hour opportunities

by Divya Kumar
News Editor

As the end of the year approaches, many students are scrambling to wrap up things. Whether it be from attempting to raise grades for the last semester or saying goodbyes to the hallowed halls of CHS, stress levels are high at this time. In addition to trying to finish up last-minute things, hours are due for most honor societies and clubs.

To the horror of many, who lost track of time during the school year, the due date for volunteer hours for National Honor Society is just around the corner, on May 21st. Sophomores are to have 5 group hours and 10 individual hours complete, juniors are to have 10 group hours and 10 individual hours completed and seniors are to have 10 group hours and 15 individual hours completed.

While individual hours, or volunteering that students can do on their own and find on their own terms, are relatively simple for most students to come across, group hours are a bit more difficult to obtain. Throughout the year, opportunities for group hours have been posted on Blackboard, or spread through the monthly NHS meetings or by messages on Facebook.

However, in order to help students who need a few more last-minute group hours, National Honor Society has decided to host a week full of trash pickups starting Monday, the 17th, and lasting until the 21st. The schedule for pickup’s is listed below:

Monday (May 17): Coppell Middle School West
Tuesday (May 18): Mockingbird Elementary
Wednesday (May 19): Coppell Middle School North
Thursday (May 20): Wilson Elementary
Friday (May 21): Cottonwood Creek Elementary

Each one of these pick ups last for three hours from 5 – 8, giving students who may not have even started on their group hours opportunity to gain them all.

To learn more about NHS, visit the group page, or email sponsor Jeb Puryear at [email protected].