Tennis defeats Lewisville again with complete victory


Sally Parampottil

Coppell sophomore Lindsay Patton hits an overhead during her mixed doubles match with Coppell sophomore Arjun Arunachalam against Lewisville Tuesday at the CHS Tennis Center. Patton and Arunachalam won their match, 6-2 and 6-4, and Coppell won overall, 19-0.

Akhila Gunturu, CHS9 Editor

Tuesday’s tennis match against Lewisville at the CHS Tennis Center ended in a 19-0 victory for Coppell. 

“It was phenomenal,” Coppell junior Jasmine Durrant said. “We fought hard, we made sure that we finished the point and that’s all that mattered.” 

Coppell beat Lewisville last year 18-1, and this year, the tennis team dominated on court despite having to change the lineups due to injuries. According to Coppell sophomore Isabelle Beach, who was subbed in for a match, the team was able to overcome Lewisville’s playing style and gain points. 

“On the girl’s side, most of the [Lewisville] team hit slower, more defensive shots, except for the top one or two [players],” Beach said. “Most of us struggle with hitting slower shots. We were trying to get used to aggressively going in for those shots, but overall, we put out a pretty strong game.” 

As the tennis team continues to prep for bi-district, the team is focusing on adapting to the pressures of the court. 

“We usually work the tiebreakers against other teams [during practice] because that happens often,” Durrant said. “[We try to] get used to them so that way when it comes to the matches, we’re actually ready. That way, we’re able to finish the points quicker, we don’t have to wait to get to tiebreak.” 

Following Tuesday’s match, there are only two more games until the postseason. Coppell plays Plano East next Tuesday and Flower Mound at the CHS Tennis Center the following week. 

“The thing about Flower Mound, especially with doubles, they know how to play aggressively,” Beach said. “Doubles is all about attacking and being aggressive. But you have two aggressive teams next to each other, so the point is over really quickly. So we have to just be on our feet and be ready.”


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