Round-Up Yearbook prepares for annual distribution

Frances Ruiz
Staff Writer

It’s almost here!

Having been a full 10 months since we all ordered, purchased, posed in pictures for and bought senior ads for the 2010 Round-Up Yearbook, CHS students anticipate it’s arrival while members of the yearbook staff prepare for “D-Day”, the day of distribution.

With over 400 pages, students can look forward to seeing shots of themselves and their friends throughout the seasons. Categorized into Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring sections, the book features classes new to the school year such as Chinese as well as programs newly implemented such as MAP and Rachel’s Challenge.

Although the day of distribution remains a week away, the yearbook staff will be prepping for May 21 throughout each day of the upcoming week. While books will be sold at distribution in addition to those which were previously ordered and paid for, they will be 100 dollars at a first come, first serve basis.