Physics brings back Six Flags trip

By Gaby Moran
Staff Writer

Today, all 2009-2010 physics classes got the chance to go to Six Flags Over Texas to “relate” what they have learned in class all year at an amusement park.

However, everyone knows that it really is just a fun day to give students at the end of the year. And, it is well deserved since every student must take that course.

They started the trip in 2008 and it was a huge success. What is lame is that the next year, 2009, they had to cancel the trip due to reasons that were never fully determined (most likely lack of finances).

Now, that is understandable and many could accept that except in the following year(this year), they brought it back.

This is completely unfair to that one year of students. They had to go through the same class and get no rewards in the end. It’s so not fair, especially because there are still some seniors who have not gotten to take one field trip in their span at CHS.

Now, I know this cannot change anything for the students last year but for future physic or any other class that does an annual field trip, do not skip one year and bring it back the next. It is a real disappointment.