Answering in-person schooling questions


Shivi Sharma

Coppell ISD students who chose in-person learning are returning to school tomorrow. High school students will follow a staggered lunch schedule depending on which class they are in.

Shivi Sharma, Executive News Editor

In Coppell ISD, in-person learning begins tomorrow for the students who chose the option on the district’s commitment form. The Sidekick asked Coppell High School students what questions they had about in-person learning and answered them below. Students and parents are also encouraged to view the checklists for both in-person and remote learning provided by the district. More information on protocol can be found on the Return to School FAQs webpage

Do students bring their own masks?

Cloth masks are required for all staff, students and visitors to any CISD campus during in-person schooling, including at the bus stop and on the bus. Students must bring their own masks, but each campus will also be provided a supply of masks and gloves for students unable to provide their own. Students will only be exempt from wearing a mask if a note from a physician is provided to the campus administration that indicates a health reason why the individual cannot wear a facial covering. Mask compliance will be enforced through a dress code violation for students and staff. 

What happens if you need to go to the nurse?

Based on CISD’s COVID-19 clinic procedures, the clinic will be structured with separate ‘well’ and ‘sick’ areas and disinfected regularly. Clinic beds are placed six feet apart and clear shower curtains have been placed around beds to prevent contamination. Students will not be sent to the clinic for minor conditions such as paper cuts, abrasions or picked scabs. Teachers will receive supplies such as band-aids and instructions on how to care for minor needs to limit student movement around the building. 

The campus nurse will evaluate all students with a temperature check as they enter the clinic. If students do not display signs of a symptom of an injury or contagious illness, they will be sent back to class. The nurse will immediately isolate any student who presents with COVID-19 symptoms and call their parents, who must pick up sick students within 30 minutes. Students are not allowed to call or text parents to pick them up from school; they must be released by the nurse.

How will passing periods work?

To reduce the number of students in the halls at any single time, the high school bell schedule has been modified to release students depending on where they are going in three-minute shifts. According to the Work and Learning Environments document, where possible, one-way traffic through campus corridors will be established with signage and partitions. Visual markers will be placed throughout campus for students to adhere to established traffic flow. When walking through corridors, students are instructed to remain as far to the right as possible. 

When and how do students take restroom breaks?

Restrooms will be locked during passing periods to prevent crowding and transmission of COVID-19 in small spaces. They will be monitored by teachers and staff during class time, where students will be sent with a hall pass at the discretion of their teacher. After a restroom break, students will be required to use hand sanitizer or wash their hands prior to reentering the classroom.

Coppell ISD students who chose in-person learning are returning to school tomorrow. High school students will follow a staggered lunch schedule depending on which class they are in.
Coppell ISD students who chose in-person learning are returning to school tomorrow. High school students will follow a staggered lunch schedule depending on which class they are in. Graphic by Shivi Sharma

How will lunch work?

In the cafeteria, signage and staff will minimize traffic and enforce physical distance around each occupied seat. Hand sanitizer stations will be available at entrances and exits and microwaves will not be provided to minimize cross-contamination with a high-touch device. Cafeteria staff are trained in COVID-19 safety protocols. All staff will wear masks and gloves while serving students, and cashiers will also wear face shields. 

How does buying lunch work? 

The district is encouraging cashless payments for students who choose to buy lunch at school. Payments can be made at If students pay with cash, the change will be put directly into their school account rather than being given out. Meals will be packaged as ‘grab and go’ to create ease in pickup and transport. 

If the number of positive COVID-19 cases rise in the school, will it be shut down for the remainder of the school year? 

For each confirmed case of COVID-19 in staff or students, the district will follow the guidelines of the Dallas County Health and Human Services Department to determine if individuals must quarantine or a campus must close. If campuses or classrooms are required to close due to a spike in COVID-19 cases, students will move to distanced learning during the closure.

Starting tomorrow, CISD will be reporting any new positive COVID-19 cases in the district with an email summary sent out to the community at 6 p.m. To provide a transparent summary of COVID-19-related test-confirmed positive cases, the district will frequently update this webpage for both remote and in-person students and staff members. Cases at individual schools will be communicated to employees and families via email. 

Staff and students are required to self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms prior to arriving at a CISD campus each day. If COVID-19 symptoms such as fever of 100 degrees or higher are present, staff or students should not visit a CISD facility. In the classroom, teachers will monitor students and refer them to the campus nurse if symptoms are present. 

If there is a point where students do group work, how will it be possible while being safe? 

As much as possible, desks and tables will be socially distanced and students and staff will remain six feet apart. Communal supplies and specialized equipment will be sanitized in between use. The sharing of high-touch materials will be minimized and limited to one group of students at a time. When there is an increased risk of burning or injury, students will be provided with face shields instead of facemasks. 

Do students have to log in to the class’ Zoom meeting while in the classroom?

Yes, students who choose in-person schooling are required to log into the class’ Zoom meeting while present. They are recommended to come to class prepared with the necessary technology and equipment to do so. 

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