Oil spill a reminder of Sustainability Expo’s purpose

Satvika Ananth
Staff Writer

Last week, the Louisiana coast was dealt another blow – and this time, it wasn’t from mother nature. Instead, a British Petroleum oil rig malfunctioned, and now three leaks in the rig are spewing oil heading all the way to the Gulf Coast.

Though BP has made some attempts to fix the rig, the current situation is far from improving. Not only is the marine life of the Louisiana coast and soon, the Gulf Coast, devastated, but the fishermen of Louisiana are out of job and out of luck as fish from the area are no longer thriving.

With this spill coming mere weeks after Earth Day and Coppell High School’s Sustainability Expo, the disaster is in a particularly bitter limelight.

To me, it seems that the irresponsibility of BP in letting this spill reach its current point is merely another mark on the unpleasant report card of oil drilling, and further, exposes the downfalls of our dependence on oil for energy.

If we learned one thing at the Expo, it should be that the planet is not just ours for the taking. So as merely one species in a world of thousands, it’s time we acknowledge our dependence, and work to move away from it.