Finding love, belonging with Republican Party

Williams speaks at Coppell Republican Club meeting


Karen Lu

President Donald Trump campaign regional director Keenan Williams speaks to the Coppell Republican Club on how to rally support for Trump yesterday at Kelly’s Texican Grill. The Coppell Republican Club hosted its February meeting to educate attendees on how to support and help the election process.

Karen Lu, Daily News/Assignment Editor

Last night, the Coppell Republican Club hosted its February “Help Keep America Great” meeting upstairs at Kelly’s Texican Grill. 

President Donald Trump campaign regional director Keenan Williams spoke on his journey to his position today, detailing his parents’ divorce, 30 plus arrests and gang involvement after a debilitating injury took away his promising football future. After spending four of his six-year sentence incarcerated, Williams found new meaning in religion through education. As he embraced the values and beliefs of Christianity, he discovered they aligned with those of Trump.

“[Trump] is addressing mental illness,” Williams said. “He’s addressing the veteran situation. All of the subjects that have not been dealt with because people have been afraid they wouldn’t get reelected, because it’s not politically correct, it’s not the most popular subject. [Trump] is dealing with that. He is winning people [over] who have not been won; he won me.”

Williams connected the love and belonging he found within Christianity to that he found within the Republican Party, encouraging attendees to support Trump with kindness towards opponents rather than hostility.

“We cannot win the election by just getting the Republicans out to vote,” Williams said. “We win the election by winning hearts of the Democrats. So my challenge to you is this: who will you love this week? Who will you love over the next 30 days? Every one of you in this room can find one Democrat to reach, talk to, love on. Find out where their heart’s at, why they’re hurting, why they’re frustrated; you could convert them in 30 days or 60 days. We would win by a landslide.”

Ultimately, for Williams, the reelection this November of Trump would signify victory for and union of the nation.

“We have a president who is bringing a new demeanor that says we are going to win not as a color but as a country,” Williams said. “My goal every day is to win someone for the Republican Party. To win someone for Jesus Christ and to win someone for the Republican Party.”

Candidates running for local and state offices were also introduced, including John Jun for Place 5 for Coppell City Council, Davin Bernstein for Place 3, Wes Mays for reelection for the council (current Place 3) and Karyn Brownlee for State Representative for District 115. 

Bernstein also introduced the five ways to get involved with supporting the Republican Party: helping the election process, a precinct chair, understanding the importance of the precinct convention, working for a candidate and helping your friends get involved. 

The meeting concluded with five stations where individuals talked with and coached attendees more extensively on how to get involved with each of the five ways to get involved.

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