On the Spot: Student Council building community of love with Valentine’s Day hearts project (with video)

Luke Tanner


Coppell High School juniors Deepika Tadepalli and Brianna Perez look for their hearts on the 11th grade wall in C hall during sixth period today. Student Council wrote compliments for every student at CHS and hung them up in the halls for Valentine’s Day.

Emma Meehan, Staff Writer

Charlotte Vanyo
Coppell High School senior Santi Ceniceros reads his heart on the senior bridge during sixth period today. Student Council wrote compliments for every student at CHS and hung them up in the halls for Valentine’s Day.

Red and pink hearts filled with compliments line Coppell High School’s halls today. For the second year, Student Council has brightened every student’s Valentine’s Day with personalized notes written on heart-shaped cards.

“Getting a note from Student Council is really nice and it’s great that they chose to do this for every single student,” CHS senior Nicholas Quilens said. “It’s great that Student Council put in the effort to make everyone feel special and appreciated for Valentine’s Day.”

As tomorrow is a Coppell ISD professional development day and students will not be at school on Valentine’s Day, Student Council put up the heart-shaped cards a day early this year.

“Making the hearts for every student shows how much the school and Student Council cares about every student,” CHS senior Thomas Capdevila said. “It helps give each person a little bit of extra happiness and makes everyone smile.”

The hearts are spread across campus in three locations. Seniors’ notes are on the upstairs senior bridge between C and B hall, juniors can find their notes in downstairs C hall and sophomores’ compliments are in A hall.

“[Student Council] hopes to provide everyone with some happiness on Valentine’s Day,” CHS senior Student Council parliamentarian Diya Patel said. “We try to make sure everyone has a personalized and unique note.”

Student Council strives to add unique touches to every student’s notes. Council members are encouraged to write notes for their friends to include more detail that is specific to each individual and every note is signed from Student Council.

“Doing small things like putting up hearts with compliments helps create a connection between the school and the kids that go [to CHS],” CHS sophomore Rishita Ravipati said. “The hearts are fun and go a long way in making everyone smile a little on Valentine’s Day.”

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