Jitcho standing out as HOSA officer, loyal friend


Neveah Jones

CHS9 student Ellen Jitcho is a leader in the Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) club and attended the HOSA leadership conference at Frisco Independence High School in November. Jitcho was also a November Student of the Month at CHS9. Photo by Neveah Jones.

Victoria Hertel, Staff Writer

Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) is a student-led national organization for those who seek a future career in health science by allowing them to learn about the field and have a social network to practice for the time ahead. HOSA is a popular club available at CHS9 and Coppell High School. 

For the first time, CHS9 held its own officer elections in September.

CHS9 student Ellen Jitcho was elected a HOSA officer at CHS9, attended the HOSA Leadership Conference at Frisco Independence High School and was a Student of the Month for November. 

“Ellen is a perfectionist,” University of Texas at Dallas freshman and Ellen’s older sister Ann Jitcho said. “She does her job right the first time and it shows how much effort she is willing to put in. [Being a HOSA officer] enhances qualities she already has, such as time management and perfection.”

As a HOSA officer, Ellen conveys information in monthly HOSA meetings and participates in volunteering and fundraisers such as selling chocolate or creating MakeAWish cards. Most of all, Ellen enjoys the professionalism of being an officer.

“[My favorite thing about HOSA is] being able to interact with and take ideas from various individuals,” Ellen said. “The advisers [Bill Borowski and Victoria Reyes] treat officers as equals in a professional manner. It has developed me as a leader and a person.”

By the time Ellen had run for this officer position, she had already been an experienced role model, from leading Youth in Government as a chairman at the Capitol building in Washington D.C. to being a youth representative at her Sunday school at St. Alphonsa Syro-Malabar Church in Coppell. Students already recognized her potential, and she won HOSA elections by a landslide.

“Once Ellen joins something and knows it is something she wants to do, she goes all in,” Southlake Carroll High School freshman Abhi Maddukuri said. “She’s determined. As soon as she makes a decision she will take action to reach her goal.”

Maddukuri has been Ellen’s friend since their time together at Coppell Middle School West and they are extremely close. They connected quickly as friends and were almost instantly able to share everything with each other. Ellen continues to be a loyal friend to Maddukuri, even though she moved to Southlake.

“She’s very easy to talk to [and] she’s super kind,” Maddukuri said. “Even people who don’t know her, as soon as they saw how passionate she is about [HOSA] they definitely wanted to elect her.”

CHS9 health science teacher and HOSA sponsor Bill Borowski was so impressed with Ellen’s hard work as an officer that he nominated her for Student of the Month in November. 

“Since she’s been an officer she’s taken it seriously and in class, she sticks out,” Borowski said. “She is conscientious and makes sure that if she’s in charge of something, it gets done. She takes initiative and is a go-getter.”

It was not only this drive that led Ellen to win the elections, but it was also her kindness and approachability. 

“[Ellen] has brought ideas forth and has always been a leader in the classroom,” Borowski said. “She always helps those who are struggling. I would call it servant leadership, she’s not over there like ‘look at me, look at me’. She is the true word of leadership.”

Ellen attended the HOSA Leadership Conference last fall with other high school officers at Frisco Independence High School. At the conference, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services held stations hosted by medical professionals who work for the government to cure diseases. 

“I was able to see opportunities and learn that even though we are ninth-graders, there are so many people out there to support us,” Ellen said. 

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