Green room renovations conclude for theater department


Anthony Onalaja

Students organize the Coppell High School green room during Karen Ruth’s second period Studio Premier theater class on Thursday. The green room recently finished undergoing renovations.

Nicolas Reyes, Staff Writer

While students were at home taking part in traditional winter activities like crowning ribbon clad trees, lighting intricate candles and debating whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas movie, construction workers were carving out a new green room for Coppell High School’s theater program. 

After weeks of anticipation, the project has been concluded.

Almost every aspect of the classroom-dressing-room hybrid was refurbished.

“We have new floors, new carpet, and they put a lot of new racks to hang clothes on,” CHS senior actress Angie Smith said. “Before, it was just two racks on one side of the room and two racks on the other. Now, there’s racks all around and we’re able to hang many more costumes. It looks more organized.”

Previously, the green room had one-hinged cabinet doors, two faulty toilets and lightbulbs that were not able to be turned on. 

Before the renovation, a lack of closet space was an issue. Racks were layered so there was meager accessibility. Because of this, one of the most celebrated changes was the increase in the closet space.

“Pulling one costume off the rack used to cause the whole closet to become a mess,” CHS senior actor Drew Scrivner said.

Besides the obvious repairs and changes in interior design, the sanitation levels were also bettered. 

“Before, when you walked into the room you felt like you needed to take a shower,” Smith said. “It was super dusty and sticky and the usage of space was so inefficient.”

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