“The Perfect Lie” highlights unpredictable 25th annual Madrigals feast


Mari Pletta

Coppell High School Madrigal singers harmonize together during their show “The Perfect Lie” last night in the CHS Commons. Every year the choir hosts a Madrigal Feast show which attracts many students, teachers, and parents to come and watch and enjoy a meal.

Tracy Tran, Staff Writer/Photographer

“How big was it? How poor was it? How cheap was he? How lazy was she?”

The semi-darkness with warm bright light on each table. The aristocratic atmosphere with a castle-like entryway and mirthful decorations on all corners of the room, spiriting merriment for Christmas. 

The center stage where all the Madrigals singers, with direction from CHS Choir director Bona Coogle, sing uniquely and soulfully brightens all the hearts in the commons. Together, audiences and the Madrigals singers travel back to the Renaissance era through Coppell Choir 25th annual Madrigals feast on Friday and Saturday night. 

“[The Madrigals feast] is important to me,” said Madrigals singer Sydney Dixon who plays Erlan the Elf. “I get to sing music, which I love to do, with people that I love and honestly, they are sort of a family.”

The Madrigals singers started the show with a delightful song “Nova Nova” and raising questions among the audiences “What is “The Perfect Lie” ?” 

“Today was absolutely magical,” CHS sophomore Alyssa Bargas said. “The performance itself was hilarious and the singing was phenomenal. They sing really catchy medieval songs that were so nice to listen to.”

Throughout, the audience had entertaining times with jokes from the Jester and the Bard, portrayed by CHS junior choir vice president Annelise Holguin and senior choir president Max Madlambayan, respectively. The show ended when CHS sophomore Elle Luebker, who plays Peter Piper, became the new minister.

“The audiences really respond to the play well,” Dixon said. “My favorite part was ending [the Madrigals feast] with our song “Say Love” and then clapping while people exited.”

This remarkable show interested audiences with many interactions between the singers and the audience. As per tradition, 2018 alumna Karvi Bhatnagar performed the song “Silent Night” with the Madrigals.

“Today’s performance was really good,” CHS senior Madrigals queen Eva Theel said. “It was our first time performing the whole way through and even though there were some pickups along the way, we really recovered well. I’m really proud of what we did, we sang really well and lots of people come to support us so I’m really thankful.”

During the two breaks, guests enjoyed their dinner with plump roasted fowl/balsamic grilled vegetables, roasted vegetables, salads, desserts and fun conversations with Madrigals singers. With support from National Honor Society students and parents, CHS Commons was decorated inspired by Renaissance era dining room, perfectly match up with the performance settings.

“[The performance today] went really well,” Coogle said. “The kids have spent numerals hours during classes and after school and things went really well with many positive feedback from the audiences which is great. We are proud of them.”

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