Top 5 “Stranger Things” moments

‘Never Ending Story’ duet, Note from dad, Leaving Hawkins for good?, El’s goodby to Mike, Mileven reunites


Yasemin Ragland

The popular Netflix series “Stranger Things” has created many memorable moments. The Sidekick staff writer Yasemin Ragland shares her top five list from her favorite show.

Yasemin Ragland, Staff Writer

The 2017-2018 school year was when my parents let me start watching the hit Netflix show “Stranger Things.” I was turning 14 years old that year so I was old enough to start watching it. My parents had already binge watched Season 1 in 2016 (when the show first aired) so we started with Season 2 Episode 1: Madmax. 

“Stranger Things” quickly became one of my favorite TV

shows so here are the top 5 moments in the first three seasons: 

  1. Dustin and Suzie ‘Never Ending Story’ duet (Season 3): 

In the beginning of Season 3, nobody believes that Suzie (Dustin’s girlfriend who is just as nerdy as he is) from Salt Lake City (Hawkins is in Indiana) at the summer camp he went to exists but in the season finally when Joyce and Hopper need Plank’s Constant to get into a locked gate in a secret Russian bunker (long story), Dustin calls Suzie (via radio) because he knows she knows it, but she won’t give it to him, until her “Dusty-Bun” sings “The Never Ending Story” with her. 

This is one of the funniest moments because not only do Joyce and Hopper hear the duet but Will, Lucas, Johnathan, Nancy, Erica Sinclair (Lucas’ sassy little sister, who is introduced in Season 2, she is with Dustin during this moment), Steve Harrington (Nancy’s ex boyfriend he’s been in the series since Season 1), and Robin Buckley (Steve’s friend and coworker, she’s introduced in Season 3) hear it over their radios and walkie-talkies (all the while a solid version of The Mindflayer chases Johnathan, Nancy, Will and Lucas in their car, with Steve and Robin in Stev’s another car behind The Mindflayer.

Eleven, Mike, and Max don’t hear this because The Mindflayer smashed Mike’s walkie-talkie(before he decides to chase the car), and they’re trying to escape Starcoart Mall, but get corned by Billy Hargrove (Max’s mean older step brother, and Steve’s rival, who gets possessed by The Mindflayer early in Season 3, turning him into the secondary antagonist(that part of the scene isn’t funny).

 What does make the funny part a cherry on top, after he and Suzie finish the duet, and she tells them the code, they than tell each other that they miss each other, followed by Erica turning off the radio and telling Dustin “Enough!”.

  1. Eleven reads Hopper’s note (Season 3):

This is one of the most emotional moments and the most heartbreaking. Hopper has trouble telling Eleven how much he cares about her and so he takes Joyce’s advice and writes a letter, he was supposed to give it as a speech about boundaries to Eleven and Mike (they start dating in the end of Season 2). 

Before he gets to talk to them together (he gives Mike a one on one), he presumably dies when the gate closes back up for the second time in the Season 3 finale. Joyce finds it while cleaning up three months later, and lets Eleven read it. 

In the beginning, Hopper writes:

“There’s something I’ve been wanting to talk to you both about. I know this is a difficult conversation, but I care about you both very much. And I know that you care about each other very much, and that’s why it’s important that we set these boundaries moving forward so we can build an environment where we all feel comfortable, trusted, and open to sharing our feelings.” 

  1. The Byers leave Hawkins (Season 3):

In the end of Season 3, the Byers and Eleven (Joyce becomes her legal guardian after Hopper presumably dies) move away form Hawkins because Joyce doesn’t think it’s safe anymore. 

Will says goodbye to all his and Eleven’s friends, Johnathan says goodbye to Nancy (they are dating in Season 3), and Eleven says goodbye to Mike. One or two episodes earlier Mike tells Max that he doesn’t want to lose Eleven again and that he loves her (Eleven), he says this loud enough for everyone to hear, causing Eleven to walk into the room that they’re in(she was in the bathroom). 

Mike wasn’t sure if she heard him until she says goodbye to him. She reveals that she heard him, telling him that she loves him too and giving him a goodbye kiss. The two plan to get together for the holidays, so they don’t have to have a full long distance relationship.

  1. “Goodby Mike” (Season 1):

Season 3 finally wasn’t the first time Eleven had to say goodbye to Mike. In the end of Season 1, Eleven sacrifices herself to stop the Demogorgon. After pinning the Demogorgon to a wall in one of the classrooms, in Mike’s, Dustin’s and Lucas’ school. 

Eleven turns to Mike saying “Goodbye Mike” and uses her Telekinesis to disintegrate the Demogorgon and hold Mike back, so he doesn’t get heart trying to intervene. She disappears along with the Demogorgon’s remains, and ends up in The Upside Down. She escapes in the beginning of season 2 though.

  1. Mileven reunion (Season 2):

To be honest, Mileven is my favorite couple in “Stranger Things.” After Eleven disappears in Season 1 finally, Mike has been sending walkie-talkie calls to her every day(because he knows she’s not dead and that she’s still out there somewhere) little does he know that she was in Hopper’s house the whole time, and that she’s been using her psychic abilities to listen to all of them. 

They finally reunite in Season 2 Episode 8: The Mindflayer, after Eleven saves them from a pack of Demodogs (she ran away to figure out what happened to her biological mother, she was abducted by Hawkins Lab right when she was born), she Telekinetically opens the locked doer of the Byers’ house and heads straight for Mike. Their facial expressions when they see each other is a cherry on top.

And that’s it for the top five moments in “Stranger Things” seasons 1-3.