Drumline channels passion into final performances on dual competition day


Tracy Tran

The Coppell High School drumline team takes a picture with the Cardwell Cup on Nov. 9 at Marcus Marauder Stadium. The team receives first rank with a 96.88 rating in the Standstill I Silver Prelim part, Best Snare Line, Best Front Ensemble, Most Creative Drumline Show and The Cardwell Cup for Best Percussion Performance at Lone Star Classic 2019.

Tracy Tran, Staff Writer/Photographer

FLOWER MOUND – Thunderous and powerful from the bass drums. Synchronized and sharp from the snare drums. Bright and tinkle from the chimes. Expeditiously movement between each beat. The Coppell High School drumline incredibly portrayed the strong emotional changes in the intensity of anger seen in every member’s eyes.

Among thousands of drummers from statewide high schools, the Lone Star Classic Drumline competition on Saturday placed the CHS drumline first with a 96.88 rating in the Standstill I Silver Preliminary part, winning the team Best Snare Line, Best Front Ensemble, Most Creative Drumline Show and The Cardwell Cup for Best Percussion Performance.

CHS senior Anna Judd ranked third with a 92.25 rating in the Keyboard Solo part; while CHS sophomore Ashrith Anumala ranked fifth with a 86.00 rating in the Tenor Solo part.

“The [keyboard solo performance] went well,” Judd said. “I have been practicing the solo for about three months, started it in the summer and I practiced pretty much everyday up until the contest. It was really nice to be supported by the entire drumline team and all of my friends there [and] to play the pieces of music for everyone.”

The Lewisville Drumline Invitational ended with CHS receiving first place in Overall, Best Bass Line and Best Front Ensemble. 

“We did really well [Saturday],” CHS senior Kate Spencer said. “We got a lot better than the past few years. It was really fun to go out and [perform] for everybody. I love getting into the characters and to be angry because I have never get to do that. It was a strong, emotional show.”

The preparation for the two competitions started in June with help from CHS percussion directors Annie Chernow and Randall Nguyen.

“Drumline show started the rehearsal very early in the summer and they also started another rehearsal at the beginning of band camp. We [repeat] each section of the show and [the students] make changes for the better until we were able to rehearse the whole show [from the beginning to the end],” CHS sophomore Nia Sanova said. “We had to keep in time. Everyone had to stay focused and concentrated without any distractions. ”

Channeled by passion, the team amazed the audience and the judges at Lone Star Classic Drumline with its outstanding performance. 

“I’m happy that [the drumline] got all the recognition that they deserve,” Chernow said. “They worked so hard this year; it doesn’t usually work out as perfectly at the end of the season like this time.”

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