Descendant of Comanche chief speaking at Cozby Library


The Cozby Library and Community Commons is hosting Lance Tahmahkera’s storytelling events tomorrow at 7 p.m. He will be speaking about the culture and history of the Comanche tribe, of which he is a descendant.

Victoria Hertel, Staff Writer

On Thursday, Lance Tahmahkera will be sharing stories about his culture, family history and life as a Comanche Native American at the Cozby Library and Community Commons at 7 p.m. tomorrow. 

Tahmahkera is a descendant of the Comanche tribe. His great-great-grandfather is Comanche Chief Quanah Parker, the leader of the last free Comanches. Tahmahkera recalls many family stories which display the culture of living as a Native American. 

All adults and high school students are permitted to attend the presentation. Admission is free.

This is an opportunity for students, teachers and adults alike to learn about a tribe that is known, but rarely talked about in depth by first hand progeny. Many Americans learn about Native Americans in school, but few have met someone who identifies as a Native American. 

Tahmahkera will give people who visit his presentation a chance to discover a new realm of the historic culture of the Comanche tribe that have been living in America for thousands of years.