Trustees provide glimpse into district’s future through project updates


Shriya Vanparia

The Coppell ISD Board of Trustees discussed issues and updates about school renovations, water leakage, and FIRST on Monday night. The CISD representatives meet at the Vonita White administration building for their board meeting on the fourth Monday of every month.

Victoria Hertel, Staff Writer

Tuesday evening at the Vonita White Administration Building, the Coppell ISD Board of Trustees met together to discuss the principles of the school district, recognize students and present a new platform for planning finances.

At Denton Creek Elementary, 300 students and teachers gathered to experience how education was different for students who have learning disabilities. 

The acceptance of different ways of learning is a growing CISD value and there are increasingly more ways than simply STAAR results or grades to measure the progress of a student.

As recognitions began, a Cottonwood Creek Elementary teacher Krixia Funa and her family were addressed for winning “Family Feud” five nights in a row and received the maximum prize – $40,000 and a car. 

An award was presented to Coppell Middle School West eighth grader Shreeya Jain. She experienced tragedy in her life, but simultaneously rose to the aid of her community. On Sept. 21, a fire burned the Irving apartment complex where Jain lived. 

“She was watching television with her family that night when her dad thought he saw something outside and her mother shouted that it was a fire,” CISD Superintendent Brad Hunt said.

Jain efficiently responded by calling the police and was the only person to call 911 during the incident. 

“She then started knocking on the doors of her neighbors and telling them that there was a fire and that they needed to get to safety,” Hunt said.

At Coppell Middle School West, Jain had learned about fire safety before. In fact, there was a fire drill at her school the day before the Irving fire.

Her family lost everything that night, but her perseverance shines through. 

In addition, CHS junior Oliver Isenberg was awarded for his KCBY video, produced by Irma Kennedy about the “Nature Park” designed by students. 

The “Nature Park” brings CISD alumni together and gives a chance for teenagers and people of all ages to be together outdoors.

Regarding finances, CISD hopes to create transparency to taxpayers and to measure finances on how they will budget rather than the actual money. There are currently 15 indicators for finances, and there will now be 20.

On another note, renovations are happening all over CISD. This includes the finished D and E halls at Coppell High School.

The upstairs C hall is being finished up while the downstairs C hall is to be started on at CHS. Additionally, B hall renovations will occur in the near future. 

Leslie Field at CHS9 is also being renovated. 

The Pinkerton Elementary School interior door and foundation is to be worked on in the summer.  The Austin Elementary kitchen remodeling and increased parking between Denton Creek Elementary and Coppell Middle School North are both soon to be implemented. 

New furniture will be brought to CHS next fall as the CISD Board works with Coppell High School Principal Laura Springer on design decisions. 

At Coppell Middle School East there was a leakage due to a sprinkler head in the hallway that unexpectedly went off.

“Between our staff and the fire department we were pushing water in every direction trying to get [the water] off of the carpet,” Director of Maintenance and Grounds Genaro Lopez said.

Lopez contacted a restoration contractor and watched a 12-hour camera cycle, but it still remains unsolved as to why the sprinkler went off.

Coincidentally, a second leak at CMS East came out of a domestic waterline. There was a five day drying period after the leakages. 

Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Dr. Angie Applegate spoke about community based accountability and new ways to measure learning.

To create change, Applegate described new surveys for students, families and staff. She also touched on the importance of social and emotional learning. 

“We are also trying to get the level of engagement, that is one of our big focuses this year,” Applegate said.

The CISD Board of Trustees also recognizes Fin Path, a way to deal with finances. 

This website gives a wellness score based on an individual’s savings and debts. Payment accounts can be linked to Fin Path for creating budgets. 

“We have life changes, things happen, jobs are lost, it is a good opportunity,” CISD trustee Tracy Fisher said.

Modules are also provided to instruct users about savings. This will be helpful for CISD adults and later, students. Fin Path explains to users how to pay off student loans and create a retirement plan.