Q&A: How band defines Sangerhausen’s sense of identity


Tracy Tran

Coppell High School senior Emilie Sangerhausen practices her clarinet on Oct. 15 before school in the CHS band hall. Sangerhausen has played clarinet for seven years. Photo by Tracy Tran

Nanette Pottoore, Staff Writer

Music has always played an important role in Coppell High School senior Emilie Sangerhausen’s life. She has done band since middle school, and is on her seventh year in band.  

What made you join band? 

During elementary school, I started having experience with music and performing. I wanted to have that chance with my own instrument, which is why I thought band was a good opportunity to further explore the world of music.

What instrument do you play and why?

I picked the clarinet, which is an instrument I didn’t expect to play originally. When I heard a musician who came to [Denton Creek Elementary] play the clarinet, I thought, “Wow, this instrument is just for me.”

How did it feel when you first started band?

When I first started band, it was something really exciting to me. I had never touched a clarinet before, and it felt really expensive, which was the complete opposite experience with my elementary school-given recorder. But over time, playing an instrument has become a part of me, and I have grown to be more comfortable with my instrument. 

What is your favorite thing about band?

My favorite thing is getting to perform. In the past, I was a very closed-off type [of] person. However, throughout my years in band, I’ve really opened up. I love having a place in performing arts.

How does band impact you?

It has really impacted how I have grown as a person. If I was in anything else, I would have definitely been more sheltered as a person. Now, I have had the chance to have a lot more experience and to meet a lot of new people.

What does band mean to you?

It is a big part of who I am as a person and the part I play in this school and this community. It is really great being able to share the gift of music with other people.

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