Super Star program spotlights district’s unsung role models


Shriya Vanparia

Starting this year, Coppell ISD employees, students and parents can nominate other employees and middle/elementary students for Super Star awards. The form to nominate is in CISD Superintendent Brad Hunt’s newsletter and nominations are due Friday.

Pramika Kadari, Executive News & Enterprise Editor

From Great Educators Matter to Teacher of The Year, Coppell ISD has many methods of honoring great teachers. The Super Star nomination program is one that honors students, teachers and other employees all at the same time. 

The program, initiated by the Coppell ISD Education Foundation, recognizes elementary and middle school students and CISD employees deserving of recognition, whether it be for their work ethic, kindness or another positive quality. All district employees can nominate students or other employees; parents and middle school students can nominate employees as well. 

Tomorrow is the deadline to submit nominations for the first round. 

“[The program] gives us a cross range of students that may not otherwise get recognition,” Coppell High School Principal Laura Springer said. “[It allows us to] recognize there are kids in our rooms for whom academics may not be their greatest strength, but they bring such flavor to your classroom, they work hard, they give 110%, have great attitudes. Those are the kind of kids we should recognize.”

Each student and employee can only be nominated once per year. If someone earns a second nomination, they cannot be selected, but they will receive a certificate notifying them of the nomination. Winners receive a Super Star shirt, a certificate and a pen or mechanical pencil. 

Redefining success, building relationships, engagement and great teaching – CISD’s four primary values – are directly supported by the Super Star program. 

“When teachers and students are nominating each other, there’s a strong building of relationships, which is one of our pillars in our district,” Coppell Middle School East Principal Steve Glover said. “And because we’re nominating kids based on things like dedication and compassion, that helps redefine success and helps recognize there’s success in places other than just grades and scores. There are several things in our pillars that fit well with the Super Star program.”

Although the district has many other ways to recognize students already, the Super Star nominations are more personal and also help unite the district, as people can nominate across campuses. Depending on the school, awards are announced at school assemblies, through morning announcements or within individual classrooms. 

“I appreciate the opportunity to recognize great qualities in our kids and teachers, the smaller positive things we may not see or hear about,” Glover said.

Many are eager to nominate special education teachers, as they often go above and beyond their responsibilities. 

“Those support teachers really help kids with special needs in the building, and sometimes they don’t even have a lunch break because they’re trying to meet the needs of those learners,” Pinkerton Elementary teacher Kori Haverstick said. “That’s a true testament to building relationships and doing whatever possible to meet the needs of kids.”

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