On the Spot: Secretary of State Hughes promotes voter registration (with video)

Shreya Bandi


Camden Southwick

Texas Secretary of State Ruth Hughs speaks to Coppell High School government students in the lecture hall about the importance of registering to vote. Hughs was recently appointed State Senator by Governor Greg Abbott and explained the details of her job to the students.

Camila Villarreal, Staff Writer

Today during third period, Texas Secretary of State Ruth Hughs was invited to speak in front of Coppell High School’s government classes in the lecture hall about the importance of registering to vote. 

Hughs emphasized the responsibilities citizens have of voting and making sure each and every voice is heard. She covered the importance of actively participating in politics and why voting works. She also introduced several resources for these adolescents to utilize as they step into adulthood as well as the polls. 

“We want you to be as educated as possible because at the end of the day it really is everyday Texans who shape the way our state is today,” Hughes said. “The future is in [young people’s] hands. It’s up to you to decide how things change or stay the same. The decisions that you make directly impact you, your family and your community.”

During the midterm elections of 2018, the voter turnout for ages 65 and older was more than 60% for both men and women, while the voter turnout for ages 18-29 were 38% for women and 33% for men. Social media platforms and public figures frequently come together during election days to support voter registration and participation from younger populations because of this.

Tables were set up in the commons for students to register to vote. Parent volunteer Claire Ebert reported receiving more than 60 students at the tables so far. 

“Getting young people to become civically engaged is important and urging them to register to vote at the early age of seventeen and eighteen is a great way to set them on that path,” Ebert said. “A lot of young people feel like their voices and opinions aren’t being heard and that’s something that must change.”

Oct. 7 is the deadline for voters interested in participating in the Nov. 5 election. For more information, visit Hughs’ website.