On The Spot: New C-Day allows for flexibility to compliment block scheduling (with video)

Devan Patel


Kaylee Aguilar

This school year, Coppell High School added a C day to its traditional block schedule. On C days students will visit all eight of their classes for 40 minutes rather than the regular four.

Nicholas Pranske, Executive Copy and Design Editor

Although apprehension stirred about the introduction of C day prior to the beginning of the school year, many – faculty and students alike – became fond of the concept upon its roll-out today.

On C day, students attend all eight periods, whereas on A and B days, students only go to four.

“C day has been great,” Coppell High School librarian Lynn Hevron said. “I like seeing all [the library aids] in one day, and I like the fact the class periods are a little shorter. It seemed more relaxed.”

However, the new schedule causes the occasional difficulty for students with a release period. Due to the schedule layout, if a student has a release during fourth or fifth periods, they get a 40-minute break between classes. 

Although it may seem burdensome to take 40 minutes out of one’s day, for several students it allows them to take a break and catch up on work.

“It will take a while to get used to, but I like the break,” said CHS junior Rohan Jani, who had a release during fourth and fifth period. “It gives me time to relax while still on campus. If I have homework due the next class, I’ll have an opportunity to finish it.”

Another intention of C day is to allow each student to go to every class, which is also beneficial for teachers.

“I like being able to see all of my students,” CHS economics teacher Miranda Portteus said. “I also like the shorter class periods. The students were focused for the entire class period.”

On the contrary, the new schedule also causes scheduling complications for teachers. While it allows flexibility for the students, teachers find themselves having to work around that flexibility.

“Things are moving very rapidly,” CHS U.S. history teacher Kevin Casey said. “Teachers are going to have to rework their schedules around the students.”

C days will also allow for Friday activities such as pep rallies or games or trips for which players leave school early.