Barnes turns musical aspirations into reality


Camila Flores

Coppell High School senior Evan Barnes prepares to compete at UIL with his choir. Barnes is a tenor in the CHS Madrigals and A Capella choir.

Umama Suriya, Staff Writer

With music as his passion, Evan Barnes had an ear for making music since he first learned how to read.

Barnes cares a lot about his music. His guitar, his voice and his passion for music go way beyond just being in A Capella and Madrigals choir.

“I put in probably more effort into my music than I do with anything; that’s really all I care about, to be honest,” Barnes said. “I’ll pull all-nighters to work on music, or I’ll be working on lyrics in class. I used to practice guitar for four hours a day, and I still try and get some practice time every day, so it takes up a lot of my time.”

Though he has been in choir, Barnes also makes music on SoundCloud with some of his friends, including CHS senior Jacob Barnes, who is also in choir with him. They connected when they first met, partly because they had the same last name but are not related.

“I’ve known Evan since my freshman year, but I consider him family,” Jacob said. “We’ve made quite a few projects together, probably hundreds of hours of work if we counted all of it up.”

The hours of work Evan puts in his music is shown whenever he releases a new song. Nonetheless, Evan says the songs he makes are for fun, usually with funny lyrics.

“The beat usually takes up a week or two to write, depending on how complicated it is or how satisfied I am with it,” Evan said. “Then recording the vocals is about two hours, and then mixing and editing takes about three hours or so.”

Evan’s ear for music was noticed by his parents at a very young age, which led to music lessons to develop his natural talent.

“I heard he had an ear for music very early on,” Evan’s mother, Becky Barnes, said. “So it’s been kind of neat to see it come into fruition after seeing it as a toddler and now as a graduating senior that he’s going to go into a career in music.”

Evan is planning to go to Texas State University with the major of Sound Recording Technology.

“In the future, I plan to be working as the engineer at a studio, hopefully working for a record company,” Evan said. “I want to be producing and performing as well; it would be great to be the frontman of a band.”

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