From home to baseball diamond: Polk brothers catch opportunity to bond, play baseball together

Sofia Guerrero, Co-Student Life Editor

Playing catch with their dad, Chad Polk, as children turned into a lifelong love for brothers CHS9 freshman Walker Polk and Coppell High School junior Hudson Polk. Both made the varsity baseball team as freshmen and feel they have become closer because of it.

This news meant the boys’ work is paying off, and their family could not be prouder.

“I was very excited and thrilled for them,” mother Jennifer Polk said. “Mainly excitement that the coaches gave them the opportunity as freshmen, because I knew they had the talent. I just wasn’t sure if the coaches would allow a freshman to be on varsity, so when I found out they were giving them a chance, I was really excited and happy they had the opportunity.”

Being on varsity gives the brothers a chance to play on the same team, something they feel is a contrast from playing together for fun.

“It’s awesome,” Walker said. “I’ve been around [Hudson] since I was born. I’ve played with him a couple times, but it’s just different having your brother on your team.”

They have also grown closer and have been able to support each other at practice and games.

“It’s super fun to watch him compete,” Hudson said. “Most of the time when I watch him, I’m off the field, but being on the field with him and watching him compete and being able to work with him is really fun. We can talk to each other a lot. And we know what we mean by what we say. We just have a lot of chemistry.”

Moreover, they understand the game thoroughly and work to become better baseball players.

“They understand the ins and outs of the game, so they’re pretty intelligent when it comes to it,” Coppell assistant Clint Rushing said. “They’re good athletes, but they also know all the little things and the situational stuff and what’s going on outside of the actual play that’s happening.”

Although they have played together for less than one year, teammates have been able to witness interactions between the brothers.

“Hudson knows when his little brother’s struggling,” Coppell senior left fielder De Heath said. “Sometimes when we’re in the batting cages, and Walker’s doing something Hudson sees is a problem, you’ll hear him say, ‘oh, fix this little thing, or do this.’ If he doesn’t do it, he’s like, ‘I told you to do that.’ It’s professional, and it’s not joking around, but you can really see them fit into their big brother, little brother roles when they’re playing baseball together.”

Baseball has been prevalent throughout the brothers’ lives, thus propelling them to play the sport.

“Baseball has been in my family since forever, since I was born,” Hudson said. “My family talks a lot about baseball, we watch a lot of baseball. It’s a big part of our lives. But it’s also really hard sometimes because me and my brother have played it our whole lives. It’s a frustrating sport, and sometimes it’s really frustrating mentally but it ends up being really fun.”

In addition to support from their parents, Walker and Hudson encourage each other.

“It’s been fun to watch them through the years, from when they were little, and they would wrestle each other, to this point of them playing together on the same team,” Mrs. Polk said. “It’s been every mother’s dream because they’re really close and they support each other and they cheer each other on; they want each other to do well. They’re real protective of each other too, and that’s fun to watch as a mother: their love for each other and their bond.”

Baseball is not the only sport in the Polk home, however. Walker also made the varsity football team as a freshman and has received 2018 Defensive Newcomer of the Year, 2022 All-American and All-State for his achievements.

“It didn’t surprise me,” Rushing said. “I mean, he’s 6’2 and 225 pounds. You don’t see many freshmen like that, so physically, he can handle the load. The biggest thing is when you’re playing against guys that are two, three years older than you are, they’ve been doing things a lot longer, so the game for them is a lot slower. He’s going to have his choice down the road if he wants to [play] football or baseball, and honestly, he’ll be good enough to do both at an extremely high level.”

On the other hand, Hudson plays solely baseball, and received first team all district catcher his freshman year and district MVP the following year. He is committed to play baseball at the University of Oklahoma. Walker is still unsure but hopes to continue baseball and football in high school and college.

“I support [Walker] in anything he does,” Hudson said. “I hope he does great in every sport he plays, and I hope he’s the best he can be.”


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