Heritage night to showcase cultural traditions, offer food trucks


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Coppell High school junior Shreshtha Ray dances at Heritage Night 2018 in the CHS commons. On Heritage Night, people of different heritages show culture through dancing, singing and other performances. Heritage Night is tonight in the CHS commons at 6 p.m.

Nishant Medicharla, Export and Production Manager

This year marks the 14th year Coppell High School celebrates a night of diversity and culture. Heritage Night is today from 6-11 p.m. in the CHS commons.

Heritage Night, held by the Junior World Affairs Council (JAWC), celebrates various cultures through dance, singing and instrument-playing.

Admission is $7, which will have food trucks including Chiave’s Italian Street Food Truck and So-Cal Tacos Food Truck which will be setting up outside.

The following are scheduled to perform:

  1. Umama and Pranathi
  2. Meghansh Poreddy
  3. Kpop Girls Medley
  4. Medha and Suvaacha
  5. Karvi Bhatnagar
  6. Ananya and Athira
  7. Ramisha Hossain
  8. Uttami, Alarika and Arushi
  9. Nitin Udaikumar
  10. Club Rhythm

7-8:00 p.m. INTERMISSION

  1. Kami and Sakshi
  2. Hanumath, Sai, Harsha and Ashlesh
  3. Shruti and Katherine
  4. Mihira, Manasi, Susmitha and Rhea
  5. Kpop Guys Medley
  6. Disha and Rishitha
  7. Kelly Wei
  8. Michelle, Reshma, Shradha, Anika, Neha, Anisha, Rushil, Devan, Sid K and Rishik
  9. Ronak and Prajna
  10. Praseeda and Sahana
  11. Kpop Group Medley
  12. Ronak and Ritika
  13. Rohil and Pooja
  14. Neha, Mahita, Shivani, Disha, Rishitha, Praseeda, Dheeraj, Dev, Nilesh, Hari, Sid M and Henil.


“Every year, our goal is to make the best Heritage Night possible. Making sure everyone leaves happy is my goal,” JWAC senior co-president Sahana Ramasamy said.


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