Introducing green lunch: an opportunity that redefines success (with video)


Mari Pletta

Students gather to get admission green lunch during seventh period and focuses on redefining success. Green lunch is given to students that raised their grades by 10 points or through teacher nominations.

Anika Arutla, Staff Writer

Starting today, in addition to red and gold lunch, selected students were rewarded with green lunch which falls under a new criteria.


“We know that having off campus lunch is kind of big for everybody,” Coppell High School Dr. Principal Nicole Jund said and. “We’ve kind of tightened the reins a little bit and this is a way to give a little bit back and at the same time celebrate the really awesome things that our kids are doing.”


Red lunch allows students who are a part of the A and B honor roll have an hour long lunch which gives them an opportunity to go off-campus for lunch. Similarly, gold lunch has the same concept except for the those on the all A honor roll.


To get green lunch, students must have raised their grades by 10 points from one marking period to the next or receive a teacher nomination. Teachers who nominate students look for multiple traits in their students including growth socially and emotionally and also growth outside of the high school.


“I nominated this one student who’s special,” science teacher Rebecca Wheatley said. “He works really hard and puts in so much effort and although it doesn’t show in his grades, I want him to know I’m aware of his effort.”


The addition stems off of the Coppell High School Purpose Statement and focuses specifically on redefining success, branching away from defining success as purely academic.


The first green lunch was today,  paired with gold lunch, and students were excited to go off campus for lunch.


“Green lunch helps a lot of people who might not have grades in the A-B range and still work really hard for their grades and reach their personal goals,” junior Tharani Muthukumar said. “It helps foster a positive learning environment at Coppell.”


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