Starbucks adds more choices with the Plenta and the Micra

Rebecca Neumann

Staff Writer

Starbucks has listened to customer feedback and created two more size choices for their coffee cups. The Plenta, 128 fl oz., and the Micra, 2 fl oz., are hitting stores this fall.

The Plenta, which resembles a popcorn bucket more than a traditional cup of coffee, has caused some stir over the possible waste side-effects. Starbucks has already been addressing these problems with post-use suggestions, such as reusing the cup as a planter, a rain hat or, my favorite, a lampshade. Starbucks also suggests reusing the Micra as a milk-dish for pets or a hard-boiled egg holder.

Not only do these new choices add more variety to the store, they are also amusing. I would stake out Starbucks and for someone to order the Plenta and then ask the person how they plan to use the cup. Maybe I would offer suggestions.

All joking aside, Starbucks has given their store extra notoriety with the development of the Plenta and the Micra. I’m sure many people will be excited at the opportunity to recycle their beverage.

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