On the Spot: CHS students give up luxuries, add meaningful things in their normal routines for Lent (with video)

Manasa Gudavalli


Bailey Lai

For Lent, many Christians give up everyday luxuries such as social media, junk food or meat. Lent is a religious season that lasts for 40 days, starting on March 6 until Easter on April 21.

Sydney Rowe, Staff Writer

This week, Coppell High School students are preparing to sacrifice everyday luxuries for the Christian season of Lent. The 40 day season begins on March 6, otherwise known as Ash Wednesday and goes until Easter.


This season commemorates the 40 day period Jesus Christ spent fasting in the dessert, while being tempted by Satan. Many Christians commit to fasting and reading daily prayers as well as sacrificing something they often use to draw themselves closer to God.


“The season is really significant to me because it is about the 40 days that Jesus was walking to be crucified,” Coppell High School senior Jimena Benavides said. “It really shows me His sacrifice and how in my everyday life, if He can sacrifice His life then I can sacrifice other things.”


People often give up things such as junk food, social media or meat. This year, Coppell High School junior Anna Guzniczak is giving up fried foods.


“Usually, what I give up has to do with food, in the past it has been things like lemonade or sweet tea,” Guzniczak said. “Recently, I’ve been eating a lot of fried foods and so I want to work to make myself healthier by giving up these foods.”


Tuesday is known as Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday, it is a day where Christians feast which reflects the last day of eating rich before the Lenten season. The following day is known as Ash Wednesday, a day on which Christians fast to mark the beginning of Lent.


“I like to add something to my routine instead of giving something up because it is more meaningful to me,” Benavides said. “This year I am trying to read through the Bible because even though I’ve heard the verses, I want to read through the entirety of the book myself.”


Coppell High School junior Justin Dodd plans on limiting what he drinks down to just water.


“Sodas and other sweet drinks are expensive and I could give that extra money to service and at the same time it would be more healthy,” Dodd said.


Lent is a season to bring people closer to God. To many, it also serves as a way to learn self strength and to motivate people towards their ordinary goals.


“Lent is a big motivating factor for me,” Guzniczak said. “Since I often give up some kind of food, it helps me work on staying healthy and having a deadline is way easier than just starting out of nowhere.”