Board celebrates Red Ribbon Week, administrators for National Principals Month


Neveah Jones

Coppell ISD Superintendent Brad Hunt discusses district highlights on Monday at Vonita White Administration Building. The regular Coppell board meetings are held every fourth Monday.

Shreya Beldona, Staff Writer

On Monday night’s board meeting, events such as the dual language program, early voting, Red Ribbon Week and National Principal’s Month were discussed


Coppell ISD Superintendent Brad Hunt opened with district highlights, focusing on the effects and meaning of Red Ribbon Week and the significance of recognizing CISD’s principles.


“Key factors for student success include great teaching and a great school,” Hunt said. “Therefore, a principal plays an important role in making sure both of these happen each day.”


Hunt also discussed that Red Ribbon Week is not only a way for students to take part in themes but a way to show them the dangers of alcoholism and drug usage. Additionally, CISD will present its annual emerging alcohol and drug trends presentation which not only focuses on alcohol and drugs, but e-cigarettes and vaping.  


“As a community, we want to make sure that we continue to those two areas [alcohol/drug usage and vaping] as part of our red ribbon week,” Hunt said.


The Board also hosted an open forum for the residents of Coppell. Issues such as the dual language program, early voting and availability to campus finance reports were discussed.


Coppell resident Christina Hamm voiced her concerns on the possible discussion of the consolidation of the dual language program to one school.


“There is such a dividing line as being the only Hispanic,” Hamm said. “I pride myself that I moved to a community that has a dual language program to begin with.”


Concluding the open forum, the Board listened to reports on hail damage, CISD athletic programs, fall demographics by Templeton demographics, a demographic company with a focus on school statistics, as well as a strategic design update on community engagement.


The next CISD board meeting will be on Nov. 26 at 7 p.m. at the Vonita White Administration building.