Book of the Week: They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera

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Book of the Week: They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera

Camila Villarreal, Staff Writer

This review may contain spoilers.


Bestselling author Adam Silvera has received several positive reviews for his book They Both Die at the End.


On the night of Sept. 5, a company called Death-Cast sends Mateo Torrez and Rufus Emeterio a call informing them that in the next 24 hours, they will die. These two strangers, widely different from each other, end up becoming best friends in less than a day.


You would never expect them to fall in love, but they do. Despite the entire story taking place in only a few hours, their journey into one another’s arms seems slow and patient. True to the title, however, they both die at the end.


“They Both Die at the End” is the type of book that breaks your heart but keeps you addicted to the words on its pages. Silvera deserves endless praise for writing such a beautiful piece of literature.


“But no matter what choices we make – solo or together – our finish line remains the same … No matter how we choose to live, we both die at the end.”


Rating: 4.679/5


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