Farmers harvest victory against Coppell in defensive showdown

Nicholas Pranske, Executive Sports Editor

LEWISVILLE – Six years, almost to the day, after Coppell senior wide receiver Jacob Logan died at Possum Kingdom Lake, the Cowboys took the field with Logan in their hearts and a flag with a large, red “21” imprinted on the face against Lewisville on Friday.


After a defensively-dominated game, the Farmers took home the district win, 13-6, over Coppell at Max Goldsmith Stadium.


With about four minutes left on the clock, the Cowboys had the ball on their own 11-yard line, looking to score the winning points. However, the Farmers were able to intercept Noel’s pass and later score it on a quarterback keeper just outside of the endzone to make the score 13-6. Lewisville then polished off its win with an interception, kneeling the ball twice to let the clock hit zero.


Throughout the game, both teams tried different tactics at breaking through the defensive wall of the opposing team. The most successful, although based on the score, still was not record-breaking, was the long pass. Lewisville (4-2 overall, 2-1 in District 6-6A) scored both of its touchdowns either on a long pass or on the play directly after one. Coppell (4-2 overall, 2-1 in District 6-6A) also set up one of its field goals on a lengthy pass.

Sydney Rowe
Coppell senior running back Ryan Hirt runs the ball through Lewisville’s defense during the third quarter. The Cowboys lost, 13-6, to the Lewisville Farmers at Max Goldsmith Stadium on Friday.

The first quarter could be summed up in a few, repetitive words: short run, stop. Short pass, stop. Punt. Repeat. Although, both teams showed impressive defensive capabilities — Coppell senior safety Jonathan McGill particularly stuck out as he narrowly missed an athletic interception. However, the Farmers were able to come up with a pick in the final seconds of the quarter. The second quarter started with Lewisville’s possession and no points on the board.


“[The Coppell defense] did a good job of keeping the quarterback contained behind the line throughout the game,” Coppell senior linebacker J.R. Barker said. “For the most part, we kept them back.”


With the quarterback having to work extra hard behind the line, the two teams soon began to run the ball more — mostly inside.


“They know that they’re not going to get very far outside,” Barker said. “So they just punched it up the middle and saw how many yards they could squeeze out of it.”


Nonetheless, Lewisville was able to get the ball in the red zone one time without the help of a deep play. After slowing working their way up the field, the Farmers were forced to a fourth and goal, on which they attempted a 16-yard field goal. However, for the second week in a row — the first being against Hebron — the Coppell defense was able to block the field goal. Still 0-0 with five minutes remaining in the half.


When the short runs did not work, the Farmers began taking a few more chances. Soon after the blocked field goal attempt, Lewisville regained possession and scored a 35-yard touchdown on a long pass up the right side of the field. However, the PAT (point-after-touchdown) was no good, leaving the score a 6-0 going into half.


Sydney Rowe
Coppell senior defensive end Tochi Ugwulebo blocks a Lewisville field goal during the second quarter. The Cowboys lost, 13-6, to the Farmers at Max Goldsmith Stadium on Friday.

“We had a good show out, but there are still things to improve on,” Coppell coach Mike DeWitt said. “We always have to be getting better.”


Lewisville’s first touchdown, the Cowboys had less than two minutes to score — and they did. On a 40-yard throw by senior quarterback Rasheed Noel to a diving catch by McGill, Coppell was in scoring position. Senior kicker Caden Davis soon finished off the half with a field goal. 6-3, Lewisville on top at halftime.


Davis demonstrated his talents once more in the third quarter when the Cowboys tied it up at 6-6.


The Cowboys will play Marcus on Friday at 7 p.m. at Buddy Echols Field. Tickets will be on sale all week online or at the CHS fieldhouse.


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