Creativity Showcase: junior Monish Ravishankar


Camila Flores

Coppell High School junior Monish Ravishankar is a Soundcloud artist who modifies beats and freestyles to create original music. Ravishankar has four released songs on Soundcloud, including his most popular track from November 2017, “No Love Freestyle” with more than a thousand plays on the app.

Christine Zacuai, Executive News Editor

With a combination of bass heavy and synth drawn sound, Coppell High School junior Soundcloud artist Monish Ravishankar creates original tracks that exude his trap-inspired personal style.


With four released tracks out on Soundcloud, software programs such as FL Studios aid Ravishankar in his music making process. He explores instrumental samples on YouTube and runs through potential lyrics for his next new track in his home studio.


Ravishankar has lyrical and style similarities in his music as he draws inspiration from widely known hip-hop artists such as Travis Scott and Metro Boomin.


Originally a way to take a break from school assignments, Ravishankar’s passion for creating music is now a defined hobby.


“I still manage to have fun in high school, and by rapping or making music it’s just another way for me,” Ravishankar said. “I just wanted to have fun and just started rapping. I do have a passion for it.”


Though he hopes to progress his music seriously in the future, Ravishankar is keen on expressing the same care-free attitude within his songs.


Ravishankar’s music can be found @MRAV on Soundcloud.