Embracing the little things leads to a greater appreciation of life


Bella Mora

As teenagers grow older, their excitement towards different things evolve. The Sidekick senior communications manager Sruthi Boppuri’s outlook on life has changed as graduation gets closer.

Sruthi Boppuri, Communications Manager

We have all been guilty of this. There were many days when we dream of moving away, traveling to faraway cities and experiencing things that we could not fathom.


Our entire childhood is spent with a million thoughts running through our minds. From wanting to know why the sky was blue and the grass was green, the opportunities are endless for our young minds.


We take part in the plethora of community events around us – and we are excited to do so. The number of hours spent pleading to go to the park or to other recreational activities are immeasurable.


However, as we grow older and life evolves, we tend to lose sight of what is actually right in front of us. We are overwhelmed with the idea of freedom, where dreams of traveling the world and experiencing new things flood our minds.


Dallas is boring. There is nothing to do here. I have heard many comments similar to these escape the mouths of restless, frustrated teens.


I do not blame them.


With college and graduation parties right around the corner, the idea of moving far away from home becomes far too exciting, but we cannot forget about the wonderful things surrounding us everyday.


Many of us are incredibly anxious to leave – to escape to new places and finally bring our dreams to reality.


While our horizons continue to broaden, it is important to realize that sometimes we might not have to go that far. Sometimes, our most significant opportunities, the ones that will truly benefit us, are minutes away – it is just a matter of finding them.


It took me a while to come to this realization. I was raised by the typical immigrant parents, the ones who preach about the value of hard work and overcoming obstacles in their home country, escaping the hardships they had endured by coming to America. So, growing up, I had no choice but to believe that my biggest dreams would be far and seemingly out of reach.


The same words that I heard people say around me were being said by me as well. It was etched into my mind that if I could just wait a couple of months, I can graduate, pack up my stuff, head off to a college miles away and my life would magically turn out perfect – because hey, I would not be in Dallas anymore right?


But as the time to actually make this decision gets closer and closer, I have realized that the excitement we have as kids slowly fades away. We get so caught up in what we are doing that we forget to notice the things around us.


I was spending the majority of my senior year in a rush to graduate, counting the minutes until I would walk the stage holding my diploma. Now, my perspective on this highly anticipated experience has evolved. I am starting to appreciate the relationships and small moments that truly bring me happiness.


If we all took a minute to embrace the beauty that surrounds us every day, we would find that there is always something out there, waiting to be discovered.


Instead of extensively focusing on future, take some time to appreciate the present. Take advantage of the atmosphere we live in by doing the things you used to.


Taking part in the little things that we grew out of, such as spending time outdoors or engaging in activities that exercise our creativity, will help us regain that same sense of curiosity we held as a child.


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