Technology Spotlight: Apple Music vs. Spotify


Akif Abidi, Staff Writer

The modern world of music is no longer dependent on CDs and iTunes, but rather have turned to streaming services demanding a relatively low price for millions of different songs. One of the top players, Apple Music, recently made headlines when it hit its 40 millionth subscriber.


Though Apple Music has experienced significant growth, its largest competitor, Spotify, still stands as the world’s reigning music streamer.


Apple Music has been on the rise for a while, along with its mass funding, album specials and several endorsements by big time players in the music industry, and have certainly become a force to be reckoned with in the business.  Apple also handed over the boss position to Oliver Schusser, the well-qualified leader of the launch of App Store, iTunes Store, and iBooks.


However, The Wall Street Journal reports that at the moment, Apple Music has a subscriber growth rate of five percent per month, whereas Spotify lags behind with a growth rate of only two percent. If the current rates persist, the two giants are predicted to be shoulder-to-shoulder by the end of this summer.