On the Spot: Scholarship season in progress for seniors (with video)

Reid Valentine


Ale Ceniceros

Now is the time that many seniors at Coppell High School look and apply for scholarships. Local scholarships are available on Naviance and national scholarships can be found online at Cappex, FastWeb and DoSomething.

Gracie Blackwell, Business Manager

With graduation nine weeks away, Coppell seniors are looking for and applying for scholarships as they plan for college expenses. Although some deadlines have passed, there are many that are approaching in the next couple of months.


According to U.S News And World Report, the busiest time for applying for college applications is Feb. 1 through the end of April.


Many of the local scholarship deadlines offered to Coppell High School seniors are this month and next month. The more sought after scholarships by CHS seniors include the Coppell Republican Women Scholarship, Grow It’s Scholarship Award and the Assistance League of Coppel Scholarship.


“The good news is that all of [the local] scholarships are awarded to CHS and New Tech High @ Coppell students so they have a pretty good chance of getting one of those scholarships,” CHS lead counselor Debbie Fruithandler said. “The other thing that I might add is that what we find is not so many students apply for local scholarships so the competitions a little less too.”


Naviance is one of the resources provided by CHS that some seniors take advantage of for finding scholarships. Naviance provides scholarship match, scholarship list, scholarship applications and national scholarship search tabs.


“Naviance has been a really good resource for me while looking for local scholarships,” CHS senior Ria Choksi said. “It’s really helped me narrow my search for what exactly I am looking for.”


On the other hand, many seniors compete for scholarships that are on a more national scale. Among the more popular websites that provide national scholarships include Cappex, FastWeb and DoSomething.


Although the process of applying for scholarships is long and strenuous for many, it is worth it for the seniors that take advantage of it.


“The work you put into applying for scholarships kind of outweighs the amount that you have to pay so in the end, so I definitely think [applying for scholarships] is worth it,” Choksi said.


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