On the Spot: Spring break renovations underway at Coppell High School (with video)

Fiona Koshy and Gracie Blackwell


Fiona Koshy and Gracie Blackwell

The main entrance of Coppell High School undergoes construction for the new security vestibule in the storage room. The vestibule will have an entrance between the two sets of horseshoe doors so that visitors who arrive once first period begins will be required to check in before entering the school. These renovations will continue through the rest of spring break.

Fiona Koshy and Gracie Blackwell

The hustle and bustle sounds during a typical school day would usually not be found during a day of spring break at Coppell High School. However, this spring break is an exception.


On Saturday morning, construction began on the new security vestibule that will act as an intermediary for students and visitors coming into the building, requiring them to check in after first period begins. These renovations will continue through the rest of spring break.


The commons and lunch area is also receiving a new color scheme more closely resembling the CHS colors: red, white and black. The rest of the school will be painted the same scheme at a later date.


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