Technology Spotlight: The Apple Homepod


Akif Abidi, Staff Writer

The New Apple HomePod has brought mixed reactions from the public ever since its release. Priced at $349, the Apple HomePod at first received a warm welcome from the public, with most happy to see Apple catching up with Amazon and Google.


Powered by the same beloved Siri in everyone’s iPhones, iPad and Macs, the Apple HomePod was expected to give the user a decent enough “smart assistant” feel. However, Apple HomePod’s Siri is described as “incompatible” and “shaky” by critics, mostly due to its few useful traits and a lack of some very basic features.


However, the HomePod makes it up by offering some very impressive sounds for a speaker its size and has a perfect balance between crisp sound and bass. The HomePod is a great buy for all Apple-clad fans out there, especially if you favor sound quality over other “smart” functions.


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