On the Spot: Club involvement makes for hectic yearbook photo day for Kass


Karis Thomas

Yesterday’s Round-Up Yearbook group photo day illustrated the high levels of involvement across the school as students went in and out of class to take photos with their various clubs. CHS junior Kyle Kass was particularly busy, as he is a member in seven different clubs at the school.

Fiona Koshy, Editorial Page Editor

Clubs are one of the primary ways students at Coppell High School get involved, learn new things and explore different interests.


Yesterday’s CHS Round-up yearbook group photo day exemplified this spirit, with many students coming down to the gym to take pictures with their various clubs.


“CHS is extremely involved,” Round-Up senior staff member Lauren McCord said. “There are so many kids that are so involved in so many different things. It’s really cool to see that.”


While most students are in just a couple clubs, junior Kyle Kass takes his school involvement to a whole different level.


Kass is currently involved in seven clubs: YouTube Club, Environmental Actions Club, Student Emergency Response Team (SERT), Coppell Competitive Shooting Team (CCST), KEY Club, National Honors Society (NHS) and National Spanish Honors Society (NSHS).


Being a member of so many clubs, Kass has been in and out of classes all day.


“With a lot of the clubs [I’m in], my friends joined them and then afterwards, they encouraged me to join,” Kass said. 


Kass currently holds a leadership position in CCST as safety officer and 11th grade representative.


“I just find it really fun being out on the shooting field. It’s a really friendly group,” Kass said. “We’re just out there for a full day shooting. No other problems. Just focusing and trying to build each other up and become better.


“It’s really important to be involved in clubs because you get to see different perspectives and meet a lot of new people. The clubs here are really familial and you get more and more involved as you go.”


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