On the Spot: “Drug Trends and Awareness” teaches Coppell parents on the dangers of substance use


Karis Thomas

Former forensic scientist for the EDA and Coppell resident Tamara Keller conducts a presentation on drugs in the Coppell High School lecture hall on Oct. 26. Keller informs Coppell parents and students on the dangers of drug use and the preventative measures they can take to protect their students.

Claire Clements, Staff Writer

In honor of Red Ribbon Week, Coppell ISD has been involved in a number of events in order to raise drug awareness, such as different themed days and Red Ribbon Breakfast.


On Oct 26, Tamara Keller, a former forensic scientist and Coppell parent, gave a presentation on drug trends in Coppell in the Coppell High School lecture hall.


Keller’s aim was to not only provide more information on the drugs that plague Coppell, but to get rid of misconceptions that have been formed over the years. She explained where kids are getting most drugs, and the punishments for drug usage in school.


“Where do you think we get most of our drugs from?” Keller prompted the audience. Most parents believe that we get it from the Middle East. However, Keller explained that U.S. drugs come from Mexico, and as Texas is in such close proximity to Mexico, Texan teenagers are even more likely to have access to these substances.


Keller discussed the most common drugs that are used in Coppell, such as marijuana, heroin, meth and fentanyl, what their effects are and how to recognize usage.


Keller’s main focus, however, was vaping and prescription drugs.


“We don’t realize this, but we [parents], are our kids first drug dealer.” Keller said, in regards to prescription drugs. Keller described how most kids get their ‘high’ from prescription drugs, ranging from pain-relievers to ADHD medicine like Adderall, and advocated for getting rid of these drugs in the household, and instead handing them over to the Coppell Police Department for incineration.


Along with Keller was members of the CPD to aid in answering parents questions and explaining the drugs that are commonly found in Coppell.


Keller believes that, when parents have more knowledge of drugs, it’s easier to help their kids understand the dangers of drug usage.


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