Sticker sale for Harvey

Art department sticks Texas back together


Disha Kohli

Coppell High School sophomores Jane Kim and Ethan DePew’s designs were selected from all the art classes at CHS to be sold as stickers to raise money for Hurricane Harvey relief. All proceeds are being donated to the American Black Cross. They are being sold in are teacher David Bearden’s room, E103.

Anika Arutla, Staff Writer

According to Jasmine Lau, president of National Art Honor Society, a design has to be bold.

Coppell High School’s art department is holding a sticker sale to raise money for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. The stickers will be sold $2 and every penny will go to the American Black Cross.

Sophomores Jane Kim and Ethan DePew were chosen as the two winners whose designs will be put on the stickers.

“The design and the colors, I guess were more muted and more the grey-scale because I wanted to show the colors of what’s going on in the hurricane because like the sadness, the darkness,” Kim said. “I chose the heart because and the bright red to convey that despite everything that’s going on, despite the troubles that everyone will face from this, like there’s still going to be love and there’s still going to be support.”

Originally, the art department wanted to make T-shirts but then decided against it since T-shirts are used frequently in Coppell.

“Stickers, they’re small but subconsciously placed everywhere, so when you go past a design it may be very simple or simplistic, but if you see it around everywhere it sticks to your brain more. Stickers are more easily spread around,” Lau said.

The stickers are on sale art teacher David Bearden’s room, E103.

“The idea for the sale happened so fast and I was really impressed to see, since I’m new to Coppell, the reaction from the different clubs, organizations and administration and how they jumped all over this idea,” Bearden said.

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