Spring is in the air

Frances Ruiz
Staff Writer

I can almost feel it. Almost.

If I try really hard I can remember what it feels like to have a fun day at the park; just being outside in the great weather and enjoying the sun.

I know, I know. Those days aren’t here yet, but they’ll be coming up quicker than you know it and I personally can’t wait.

With so many activities lined up for CHS like the prom fashion show, spring break and then of course, Easter, it’s no wonder I’m itching to get out there and finally enjoy some time outside.

And although the groundhog did see it’s shadow this year, I’m hoping the remaining weeks of winter will be very short.

So as I wait for warmer days of a shining sun, I guess I’ll take in the last days of winter by wearing the last of my cable knit sweaters, furry boots and comfy scarves.