Drama club engages theater kids in Dinner and a Movie Night through Twitter poll


Photo courtesy Drama Club

Coppell High School drama club poses for a club picture in the Black Box Theatre. Each year the club hosts a Dinner and a Movie event, which features a movie with food to watch the film.

Farah Merchant, Student Life Editor

There are few instances when the Coppell High School Drama Club is sitting in the red-cushioned chairs of the audience and not on stage performing. One of these instances is when it is hosting Dinner and a Movie.

Tomorrow in the Black Box Theater (F102B) starting at 4:20 p.m. is the annual Dinner and a Movie.

This tradition has been favored by many theater students as they have a chance to come together and enjoy a movie of their choice.  

“It’s actually a Drama Club tradition,” CHS senior Drama Club president Maddie Purser said. “It’s a fun and relaxing way for all of Drama Club to get together and spend time together outside of a theater class or show. It’s just one that people have enjoyed in the past.”

Starting last year, the @CHStheatre_ Twitter account created a poll including four options for the movies with matching food choices. The poll closes at 7:30 p.m. tonight. Before last year, the drama club officers would announce a movie and the food theme of that movie.

This year, the options are: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs with the dinner option of spaghetti and meatballs, Newsies with New York pizza, Tangled with spaghetti and Mulan with Chinese food. The idea of choosing a food option which mirrors the theme of the movie is to provide some continuity.

The poll increases involvement and sparks a competition among the theater students.

“I think my favorite aspect of organizing it is just how into the pole everyone is,” Purser said. “Everyone’s really excited about voting for their favorite movie and making sure their favorite movie or favorite food wins.”

Transitioning from an attendee to an organizer is a change that Purser seems to enjoy.

“I’m looking forward to getting to see everyone,” Purser said. “We’re hoping most of the drama club will be there so that’ll be good. I’m excited for us to continue the tradition.”