They believe that we will win

Rowdy student section brings enthusiasm to support its team


Karis Thomas

The Coppell Student Section showers the field with confetti and the sound of cow bells as they cheer on the Coppell Cowboys at HEB Pennington Field on Sept. 1. Many Coppell Students dress up in funny costumes, such as dinosaurs, teletubbies and hotdogs, as the Cowboys defeated L.D. Bell, 58-23.

Jessica Hernandez, Staff Writer

Friday Night Lights in Coppell are nothing short of riveting to locals, students and teachers. At every football, volleyball and basketball game, Coppell High School fans cheer for their favorite players from the stands to let them know that they are supported and appreciated in every touchdown, score and shot they make.


The Student Section goes out to each game to cheer on its Cowboy counterparts by throwing their symbolic baby powder, banging their gong and tossing confetti amongst themselves.


This week, the Student Section leaves the friendly confines of Buddy Echols Field and goes to Eagle Stadium as the Coppell varsity football team plays state-ranked Allen at 7:30 p.m. Friday.


“This is a group of kids who truly want to come together to support and cheer on their team,” associate principal Melissa Arnold said. “I haven’t seen anybody sitting down during a play or saying negative things. It’s truly just been about supporting the team and their friends and that’s really cool.”


Although the Student Section was not always this integral to Coppell football, volleyball and basketball games, it has become much more popular over the years through its yearly T-shirt sales and social media platforms.


“The T-shirt sales raise money for the student section so with that we’re allowed to buy the gong, noisemakers, bells, confetti baby powder, and all the things that make the student section really fun,” senior Callie Conner said.


Being in the student section not only makes students feel good about supporting their friends, but also lets them spend time with their friends and get excited about what’s happening on the field.


“My favorite part of being a part of the student section is watching all my friends play and having so many great friends around me,” senior George Ackling said. “We’re just all sharing a common bond that we love our school and we just want to see our football team do well and just going crazy and having as much fun as possible because the louder and more into the game you are, the more fun you have.”


For senior cheer captain Mackenzie Dennis, being a cheerleader means more than just performing stunts and entertaining crowds. It means getting to experience football games in a different way than most people do and getting to do what she loves while doing it.


“Being on the track makes me feel like I’m really a part of the football season and it’s just so much fun to cheer in front of everybody and get to be in front of the student section,” Dennis said. “I really get to live in the moment.”


This year’s Plunger Boy, Kevin Galvin, is in charge of ordering items for each upcoming football game. Although baby powder cannot be used at this week’s game in Allen, there are other plans in store to make sure the Student Section does not go unnoticed.


“We bought some smoke emitters that will have a similar effect and make us be seen,” Galvin said. “I just think it’s really important that we make the players feel loved because as a basketball player myself, I know that playing in front of your student section makes you feel like what you’re doing is important.”