Cozby library hosts a day of arts, crafts for teens


Tara Ansari

Coppell High School senior Carol Varghese engraves Mickey Mouse on a piece of glass on Monday at the Coppell Cozby Library. Varghese enjoys the true precision needed to create art.

Teens were able to get creative at the Cozby Library on Monday night as Coppell artist Carlos Olate led teens through unique crafts.


“Art is kind of in my blood, my sister is an amazing artist who designs cakes,” Olate said. “I started a class for adults here at the library and it went well so I decided to start one for teens with different material that they would like.”


Olate definitely sparked creativity within the teens who attended his class, everyone was intrigued by the idea Olate put out of engraving pictures they printed off the internet onto glass.


“I am in the art program at school and came here to basically get a feel of art,” Uphills North Hills Preparatory sixth grader Chloe Lim said. “My mom found out about it on the Coppell website and I wanted to attend right away.”


Getting to explore a different kind of art was interesting for teens.


“I wasn’t looking forward to painting or drawing much which is one reason I was skeptic about attending but then I found out we were engraving any design we want on glass and I was immediately excited to see how it turned out and learn the precision of it,” Coppell High School senior Carol Varghese said.


If any Coppell residents are interested in another artistic afternoon at the Cozby Library, the next art class is Sept. 16 from 11 a.m. -1 p.m.