New band uniforms, bus purchases approved at May Board meeting

Meara Isenberg, Editor-in-Chief

Coppell High School junior Aditya Bhavikati stood before the CISD Board of Trustees Monday night, donning a white, red and black uniform and a trumpet in his hand. The Board would approve this band uniform as well as the purchase of three new buses from Durham School Services.

Following a purchase of 66 buses from Dallas County Schools, the Board voted to purchase three new large buses for $300,000 to add to the fleet.

“These buses are their International buses, they are 77 passenger, they have all of the same safety equipment that our current buses have,” assistant superintendent Sid Grant said.

International buses are the classic large, yellow school buses the school is currently using.

Grant stated the district would consider replacing three, four or five buses in the future, depending on growth and aging of the fleet.

“One good thing is when we were looking at making the change, we did put out a bid for 57 brand new buses,” Grant said. “The vendor that would have been awarded had we got all new buses is honoring that same price for these three buses, knowing that we will be going forward and purchasing additional buses in the future.”

The district is not certain it will receive the buses by the start of the school year. If the buses do not arrive, the dollars will go back in the general fund and a budget amendment will put them back in next year’s budget.

During the open forum portion of the meeting, recent Board election candidate Vara Kuppam spoke to the Board about concerns he has heard in the community. His two points centered around teachers having less teaching time in classrooms and students finding “alternative paths during the homework and exams”.

“These two can be hit with a single stone, with technology,” Kuppam said. “We have genius experts of the technology in my circle, which I’ve had for the last 17 years. I’m asking the Board to allow, give me permission to be part of this engagement to help the ISD.”

Coppell Middle School West student and Coppell Quiz Bowl captain Vishal Sivamani introduced the activity he started in Coppell to the Board. Quiz Bowl involves a buzzer system and answering questions on a variety of topics.

“It allows students to be enriched by academics,” Sivamani said. “Middle schoolers pick up on the openness to other disciplines and cultures and it helps lead us into learning more things.”

He asked the Board if the sport could receive a facilitator, space and acknowledgement by the district.




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