The evolution of prom: teachers recall prom memories from their time at CHS


Coppell High School’s 2016 prom was held at Southfork Ranch in Murphy. Seniors Sonia Patel and Lisa Desper enjoy the dance floor with the rest of their prom group. Photo by Sakshi Venkatraman.

From Coppell High School’s opening in 1965 to the present day, many traditions have vastly evolved and others have remained exactly the same. Let’s take a stroll back through the years of prom at CHS.


“CHS used to do junior and senior prom,” said CHS secretary Terry Phillips, who was part of the CHS class of 1977. “Our junior prom was spent at Brookhaven Country Club which used to be a very high-end and fancy venue back in the day.”


Although CHS now celebrates prom in grandiose ballrooms, such as Saturday’s prom at Southfork Ranch, some old traditions have stayed the exact same.


“We still had the whole eating before the dance and after prom parties,” Phillips said. “Our dresses weren’t vastly different, we still had the same idea when it came to style. The main prom shop back in my day was Margo’s which was located in Dallas.”


Prom tickets prices have definitely changed through the years.


“Tickets used to be only $25 back then. It seems like it’s nothing right now but back then it was considered expensive,” Phillips said.


For comparison, prom tickets Thursday and Friday sold during lunches cost $105.


Other different traditions prom included was a tradition called junior prophecies.


“Junior prophecies were basically junior’s predictions of the senior class in the future,” Phillips said.


“During the dance, all seniors would sit down with their full attention on the stage as juniors would take turns predicting each senior student’s future. It was so much fun, we would all get a good laugh out of it.”


Coppell High School AP English teacher Tracy Henson was part of the 1998 graduating class.


“Well, my senior year, our prom was held at the Fairmont [Hotel] in Dallas,” Henson said. “We did not really have party buses, we had limos, but besides that a lot of the traditions have been kept throughout the years.”


“I still have my dress, and the style is very similar to the dresses I am seeing these recent years. We never had promposals. Guys would obviously ask, but we never had posters and all that.”


Nowadays, promposals have been a big part of prom season.


“Seeing the funny and creative ways seniors come up with to ask their dates to prom has everyone’s attention,” said CHS senior Sofia Vega, whose boyfriend asked her with a puppy.